Pedigree of:

Amy x Major
Leb Raah's Major Conquest DNA-CP
Scotts Don Diego

Ch Legends On Eagles WingsDNA-CP

Ch Zuzaxs Coupzax DNA-CP
Wilmeths Shes Dee Phoebe
Ch Countrywoods Amber Reflection CD

Countrywoods Sidekick Select
Pineviews Magical Dream
Leb Raahs Cowgirl Kate
Leb Raah Bobby Boy
Ch Tristars Acclaim To Fame DNA-CP
Ch Legends Crystal Blu Persuasion DNA-CP
Leb Raahs Torie
Fairoaks Quinterro DNA-CP
Leb Raah Elizabeth Rex
Guardian Angels Little Diva DNA- VP
User Du Domaine Des Elweis DNA-CP
Red Warren De L'oree Des Charmois
Ch Propwash Syzygy
Lux Fr Ch Linsay De L'oree Des Charmois
Riddles Red De L'oree des Charmois
One Black Drexley De L'oree Des Charmois
Michigan Copper Blue De L'oree Des Charmois
Guardian Angels Drue Melina DNA- CP
Taisho Explosion At Coffehill
Taisho Michou Pyrotechnics
Ch Taisho Kaboom At Sundown
Moon Rise Twist of Faith DNA-VP
Moonshines Michelob Light NA-CP
Ch Firethornes Tuck-N-TwistDNA-CP